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Please email to arrange your Salthaven presentation and discuss the honorarium. When a date has been decided on, you will be asked to fill out a fact sheet with details about the venue and audience so our education team can best prepare for your presentation and ensure a successful experience.


Species At Risk - New!

We’ve all heard of endangered species, but did you know that there could be animals right in your own backyard whose species are at risk? In this brand new presentation, we explain what it means to be a species at risk in Ontario and share some of our encounters with these threatened animals in the clinic.

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Wild Inspired

Wildlife rehabilitator Brian Salt, while sharing adventures of rescue and recovery of Canadian Wildlife, captivates audiences with exciting and interactive multi-media presentations. Brian's motivating and inspiring style of storytelling, combined with incredible images and video of wildlife, is ideal for corporate and service club presentations.

"After hearing the story of Larry the Canada Goose, we have declared 2015 as "The Year of Larry". - Henry Griffioen, Freedom 55 Financial

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A Day in the Life of Salthaven

With so many different animals and volunteers, no day is ever the same at Salthaven. We take you behind the scenes and give you the inside scoop on what we do as a wildlife rehabilitation clinic and share the incredible stories of some of our favourite patients that have called Salthaven a temporary home.

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Growth and Changes in Animals

With so many baby animals admitted to Salthaven each year, we know what it takes to help them grow up to be strong and healthy in the wild. Find out why it’s important to protect animals and make their habitats safe for them to live in. Come away from this presentation with tips of how you can help animals in your own backyard!

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Habitats and Communities

The real beauty of nature is not just the animals we think of as wildlife, but in the rich communities of different living things (biodiversity) and the non-living elements that help make healthy ecosystems. Learn about how different species interact with each other as they grow and live in shared habitats.

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The Miracle of Flight

What is it that lets eagles soar, hummingbirds hover, and geese travel thousands of kilometres south each fall? Explore the characteristics that allow living things to fly, from wing design to the four forces of flight.

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Animals: Structure, Function, and Anatomy

How do animals function, and what happens when they get sick? Discover what features are similar across different species, and what features make different species unique. Learn about different disorders that affect respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems and how we can help animals recover.

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Environmental Studies

We all know that a healthy environment is essential to the wellbeing of wildlife. But what does a healthy environment look like, and what can we do to protect it for future generations? Learn about the impact of environmental contamination on Canadian wildlife and how we can make changes in our daily lives to promote sustainability.

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Wildlife Case Studies

In the 30 years that Salthaven has been rehabilitating wildlife, we’ve seen a lot of animals come and go, all with their own unique challenges. Let us take you through some of the unique wildlife cases that we’ve experienced.

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Human Encounters with Wildlife

Many animals become Salthaven patients as a result of human interactions with wildlife and environments. We discuss what problems can arise when wildlife comes in contact with human encroachment, and share what you can do to minimize these conflicts and make our shared environments safer for both people and animals.

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