Salthaven Articles

Interested in learning more about Salthaven's activities and about Wildlife in Ontario, Canada, and beyond? Be sure to peruse the following articles that our dedicated team and supporters have created:

"Regal Red Feather?" - A "Patient of the Week" article on the Red-tailed Hawk by Rebecca St. Pierre

"Hair of the Dogwood Berry?" - A "Patient of the Week" article on the Cedar Waxwing by Jenna Hunnef

"Bodkin, the Owl Who Wanted to Live" - A "Patient of the Week Article" by Laurie Crookell on one of Salthven's Favourite owl friends

"Everything Will Be Owl Right" - Salthaven supporter Ashley Hanas tells the story of treating a screech owl suffering from head trauma

Be sure to visit the following links for further reading:

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

London Humane Society

Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network

Canadian Centre for Ornithology

International Avian Association of Trainers and Educators

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association