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Salthaven Youth Environmental Alliance (SYEA) is a London, Ontario based youth-led committee that works to increase ecological awareness and promote change to help protect wildlife. We strongly believe that it is important for youth to recognize opportunities and act to help protect our planet.


The SYEA team is engaging students to create videos that demonstrate what people can do in their own backyards to save wildlife. We then use these videos to encourage others to make a change. Finally, we host and promote an interactive social media site showcasing videos and/or photos of what people are doing to protect the environment and challenging others to do the same. To help us get the word out, we are pleased to announce that Canada 150 is willing to re-post up to 150 of the videos or photos people post to @salthavenyouth.


Similar to the “ice bucket challenge,” the goal is for the process to go viral, sparking action and inspiring enthusiastic participation from around the world. If one changed action saves one wild animal’s life, imagine how many lives will be saved if hundreds of people or more take action?


Take a short video clip and/or photo (use our ideas or one of your own) either discussing or demonstrating an environmental tip that will help save wildlife! See our examples below.

Post to @salthavenyouth

with hashtags

Apple Core Effect

Don't throw apple cores out your car window! Apple cores can attract wild animals to the sides of roads where they are at risk of being hit by a car.

What can YOU do?

  • Keep a paper bag in the car for garbage
  • Educate others. Post a picture or video about the apple core effect to our Facebook or Twitter page @salthavenyouth
  • Encourage your friends to do the same

Yogurt & Other Small Containers

Animals such as squirrels and skunks are vulnerable to getting their head stuck in yogurt containers.

What can YOU do?

  • Cut small containers in half and rinse them thoroughly
  • Educate others. Post a picture or video about cutting and rinsing containers to our Facebook or Twitter page @salthavenyouth
  • Encourage your friends to do the same

Wildlife & Bread

People often use bread to feed wildlife which may form a dough ball in the animal’s stomach. This can be life threatening.

What can YOU do?

  • Feed ducks and geese shelled sunflower seeds or cracked corn. They prefer it!
  • Educate others. Post a picture or video about alternatives to feeding wildlife bread to our Facebook or Twitter page @salthavenyouth
  • Encourage your friends to do the same

What else you can do?

  • Don’t let family dogs and cats run loose
  • Cap chimneys & repair house vents
  • Bring pet food and water in at night
  • Secure garbage lids
  • Cover window wells
  • Clean up around bird feeders
  • Let wildlife find their own food
  • Donate your time - join the Salthaven team!


If you wish to join our team please email your resume to stating the words SYEA Committee in the subject. We are always looking for videographers, producers, graphic designers, social media experts and writers. High school, college and university students are welcome to participate.


According to the WWF’s Living Planet index (2014) among the 10-thousand animal species studied from 1970 to 2010, population sizes declined to about half of what they were 40 years previously.

“For every change a person makes, it has the potential to save a wild animal’s life”
- Brian Salt

Please post your photo and video at @salthavenyouth with hashtags #salthavenyouth, #canada150 and #CFC150

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A special thank you to our SYEA sponsors

Sponsored in part by Libro Prosperity Fund, Canada 150 and The London Community Foundation, Panago Pizza, Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre